Testing Membership V2 Setup

To confirm that converted data has been imported correctly, perform the following tests and checks:

  • Make sure there are fees set up for the required membership types and frequencies
    • If there is no fee for a given type/frequency then the renewal will fail
  • For a single membership
    • Note the Financial Up To; OS Amt; Next Renewal Due fields.
    • Click the Renew button
    • Recheck the fields above. Financial Up To should not change, but OS Amt and Next Renewal Due On should have
    • Renew again
    • Check the Transactions node, and confirm that there are 2 new memberships created.
  • For multiple memberships
    • Go to the Processing module > Membership > Expiring: Renewal required area
    • See that there are memberships requiring renewal (if not – you will need to create some test records)
    • Click the Process Renewals button
    • Renewed Memberships should should turn up in the next lower node (Renewals: Reminders).